Covid-19 April 2020 Update:

Quick version:
Due to CV-19 I have closed the workshop - permanently. However, dyno work, mapping, engine builds and mobile jobs continue.

Long Version:
Around 2002 Fusion Motorsport appeared, specialising in performance automotive electronics and engine calibration. 18 years later, and the landscape had changed dramatically. Incredibly I managed to weather each storm, even at least one major recession seeing so many of my competitors vanish.

Since the early days Fusion evolved into a one stop shop for all things Japanese performance, employing a few staff, taking in work experience students, working with magazines and more.

Then Covid 19 arrived. The pre season rush of work vanished all racing was cancelled / postponed. Now what?

The government announced a range of options, sadly for various reasons none applied to Fusion and so the decision was made. In order to survive this storm, and now what is said to potentially be the largest recession in 300 years, huge changes had to happen and happen fast.

So for the last month, I've been working / finishing jobs, carrying out the epic down sizing into a new leaner mobile calibration/race support operation whilst sorting out a small private workshop just to do engine builds.

And here begins a new chapter. Dyno work will continue, and so to will limited engine builds on a case by case basis.

What a ride, here's to the next chapter. It's been emotional - but we are still here and healthy.


Fusion has grown very naturally. Initially there was never a plan, aim or vision, it all happened by pure accident, but it's fair to say that the path began back in the late 1990s early 2000's. It was around this time I started experimenting with engine management & control systems in early Nissan vehicles. This interest grew and the quest to do more got bigger. I developed a few projects around this time which whilst they never really came to much allowed me to learn skills and further my interest.

Back then tuning equipment was very limited. Tuning products such as the Apexi AFC (not to be confused with the later S-AFC) started to emerge allowing basic alterations to the cars fuelling by manipulating the engines load sensor (map/maf etc). Slowly things progressed and with the arrival of the e-Manage blue more sophisticated alterations could be made really quite easily. This allowing with supporting modifications power figures in excess of 150-170% of manufactures original specifications were possible - and safe, and it was here that Fusion was born.

Initially Fusion was mobile & part time - there was no workshop and I would travel to customers to work on their cars whenever that may be. This had some advantages (I still dream of the days where overheads were just fuel and insurance!) but also many disadvantages. It was not unusual to arrive at jobs where there were more problems than just that of engine management, and without proper facilities I was unable to do anything about it. In addition people were asking if I could carry out more complex tasks which I would have to turn down. Word of mouth was travelling work load increasing & it was just a matter of time.

October 2007 Fusion moved into it's first workshop. This and with an independent on-site rolling road enabled Fusion to grow in a whole new direction. Back then I worked two jobs, to help get the workshop up and running - I don't ever wish to repeat another full time contract with Fusion on top of it! But it worked this coincided with the vast spread of knowledge and expertise of other more sophisticated products that had begun to emerge, and more work came in. This was probably the golden era of Japanese tuning discoveries for those involved, and produced some of the most amazing Japanese events.

Then came the recession, I've lost count of the number of tuning companies that have disappeared in the last 6 years. However we still grew and in addition to this I've been happy to announce additional members of staff as well. Not only that 2013 we organised our first Fusion customer event, with the plan for more in the future.

2014 big change, a vast majority of businesses (including us) were given almost no notice and were told our leases would not be renewed at Longcross. We were given just weeks to move! Panic! With less than days to spare we found our current location in Chertsey and Fusion moved. What a nightmare. However having now been at our new workshop for just over a year, it has turned out to be a much easier place to work than our old unit - other than the road leading down to the workshop!!

So now I look forward to 2015 and beyond where hopefully Fusion can be of service to you. This year I plan to step things up a bit, both with on-line and off-line. Just a few months into the new year and its already getting to be very exciting time!

My final thoughts I'd like to share with you: Our growth has entirely been founded on reputation, good service and honesty - and that's the way it's going to stay. I've always found it an exciting and interesting industry to work in, and one I strive in providing true and accurate service and information. Fusion Motorsport is now something I'm very proud of. So feel free to get in touch with any of your tuning or servicing requirements, and let us see what we can do for you.


Director & Founder of Fusion Motorsport

Updated April 15'