Fusion Motorsport offers services in four key areas.

Engine Rebuilds

ECU & Electronics

Retail Parts and supplies

Engine Rebuilds We specialise in 4 cyl Engines, from Nissan and Mitsubishi but also have experience with BMW, Honda and others. Our rebuild prices start from £250/cylinder.

ECU tuning and custom mapping: We offer fitting mapping and diagnostic facilities for many OEM and aftermarket ECU systrems. For example: Syvecs, Omex, e-Manage, Power FC, Motec, Emerald, Link, AEM, MegaSquirt and most other popular ECU systems.

We also have the facilities to remap stock Nissan Subaru and Mitsubishi systems. In addition to this we can map, configure and setup virtually any piece of after market electronic control equipment such as boost controllers, fuel computers or launch control systems. We have over 13 years of experience working with and developing electronic control systems and are very capable in this field.

Parts supply: We can supply many specialist parts for your car or project. We don't deal in sub-quality cheaply made parts so you can be sure anything we sell we would be just as happy to own it ourselves as to supply to our customers. Why not take a look to see what we offer. If its not listed then do feel free to get in touch to see if we can help.