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Fusion has been an official distributor and supplier of NIStune since 2006. Our NIStune experience is extensive covering everything from the humble Nissan Micra to 500+bhp Nissan ECU based track cars. If you are looking for someone to fit and setup NIStune for you, get in touch. If you want an honest job, with an incredibly experienced mapper - look no further. Any other garage that claims to know better is simply not telling the truth!! Bottom is we do NOT experiment on your car. We help you DEVELOP it.

What is NIStune?

NIStune is a flash reprogrammable memory board that fits within the ECU and replaces the ECUs own internal program. This allows us to tune NIStune equipped cars in real-time, which means we can make changes without stopping the car or having to physically access the ecu again.
This allows us to change all the OEM fuel and ignition maps, injector scaling, airflow meter tables, warm up tables, rev limits, idle speed - in fact everything that the ECU normally has control of. In some cases we can also add additional features such as launch control and full throttle shifting.

Is NIStune a piggyback ECU?

No, since NIStune replaces the ECUs own program it is becomes an integral part of the ECU. It doesn't stand in the way and modify ECU signals like every other piggyback ECU does. It simply converts your ECU into one with the same benefits of a fully standalone ECU, whilst avoiding the need to actually change the ECU.

How much does it cost?

Typically most jobs all inclusive are £630. This includes supply of the NIStune board, fitting into the ECU, setting up and checking the vehicle, mapping and also dyno time. In cases where the vehicle needs additional setup work in order to function properly, there may be additional costs, but these will be discussed in advance.

What cars support NIStune?

Most pre year 2000 Nissan Vehicles with ECCS/EFI support NIStune, and those that don't can in most cases be modified to allow NIStune to work. There are some cars that require ecu swaps and other modifications to allow NIStune to be installed; the Skyline GTS R33 and GA16DE based vehicles are an example of this.

How do I get NIStune?

The next step is to contact us with your car model and specification, we will then advise you if what you are doing is suitable and help where necessary so that when you come to us its a simple and efficient job.

How long does it take?

Fitting and mapping NIStune usually takes about 6 hours. Most NIStune jobs can done on the day whilst you wait. Where we can we will prepare an ECU with NIStune fitted so that when you arrive to us its a simple exchange with your old ECU. We then get the car up and running do our pre dyno checks, make sure everything is working and then set the base parameters of the tune ready to head to the dyno. Typically customers who arrive around 10am will be leaving us around 4pm.

Any other questions?

No problem! Get in touch here.